Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thus Spielt Gunter

Gunter road on soundboard fur meinem musika to spielt. Oh how Gunter liebe's on road zu spielen. Die lichter, the sounds. Gunter throbs with musika. So viele clubs, so kleine the zeit.Gunter tanzen, too! He ist the musika. Remind Gunter of Elton songs:Blue cotton baby, L.A. Lady,Sewer for the quite examined volumeNice eyes, Pirat smile,you marry music menBallerina, you must have seen that she is dancing in the sandAnd now her in me, always with me, a small dancer in my handOh tears!


Lights in the wake said...

"sewer for the quite examined volume"!

You know, if only Bernie Taupin had had you for consultation Elton John might have made something of himself.

Oh well, there's only so much Gunter to go around and he can't be troubled helping the careers of every lesser talent.

Gunter uber alles!

Gunter said...

Wo ist du bin? Gunter habt Elton John nicht verstehen? A John is toilet, nein?

Hayden said...

I'm speechless.